Anti-Virus, Anti-Intrusion and Anti-Spam Firewall Routers

The majority of business networks are secured by firewall routers which provide a barrier between the internet and their internal networks.  This barrier helps to ensure that hackers cannot get into your network and to control what is sent out of your network.  It is a vital part of any internet connected network.Over the years Manufacturers have added additional functionality to these firewall routers such as: VOIP or Voice over IP, VPN or Virtual Private Networks and Secure Sockets Layer VPN.  As well as additional functionality security features have developed such as deep packet inspection, denial of service detection web content filters such as SurfControl.However I believe a great enhancement is the addition of Anti-virus, Anti-Intrusion and Anti-Spam to firewall routers, this helps to ensure that all traffic travelling both in and out of your network is free from threats, the benefits of such include:1. Protecting your network from threats
2. Identifying Rouge / Infected Machines on your network
3. Protecting Company Image – ensuring no viruses are sent out of your network
4. Productivity – reduction in spam sent to your mailboxesAlthough this is not a replacement to workstation, server and email antivirus it is a low cost additional tier of protection stripping out internet-borne threats from internet traffic so that they do not enter your business network. We have installed Anti-virus, Anti-Intrusion and Anti-Spam firewall routers to our networks, since installation we find that our email servers have not reported any viruses getting past the router.  This gives us the confidence that our email server antivirus is merely a backup to our firewall router anti-virus.

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