Why Successful Women Are Starting Their Own Virtual Assistant Businesses

Virtual Assistants (VA) are very often savvy women and men who use their highly developed skills, training, and experience to assist other businesses virtually. Smart business people wishing to reduce business costs and make better use of their own time are hiring these new entrepreneurs and utilizing their professional expertise. By taking advantage of modern technology VA’s perform many tasks using the internet and email, fax, telephone and courier services all from their own home offices.Just what services can you provide as a VA?Actually the list of what VA’s can’t provide is much shorter than what they can do for their clients. One very successful VA boasts that she can’t make her clients coffee but can arrange to have it delivered to them every morning. Nothing is impossible. Many take care of their client’s daily administrative needs such as correspondence, email management, answering inbound phone calls, book keeping and client follow-up. The list is endless ~ it just takes a little imagination and creativity. There are VA’s who design web sites, logos, stationery, forms, newsletters and power point presentations. Remember all of this is done from the comfort of their home office. Each has their own unique capabilities and talents and depending upon how they market themselves is how successful they will be.What does it take to become a Virtual Assistant?A few of the suggested skills and experience from a potentially unlimited list are:- Highly skilled in computers
– Secretarial or administrative experience
– Legal or paralegal experience
– Medical background
– Real estate knowledge or experience
– Bookkeeping knowledge and experience
– Insurance background
– A strong work ethic along with excellent customer service skills
– A strong attention to detail
– Strong communication skills
– Organizational skillsIt really doesn’t matter what your background. By using your skills and knowledge to assist your clients with their businesses you can develop your own special niche as a Virtual Assistant.Training and CertificationThere are some excellent courses and programs that will assist anyone who is interested in starting their own Virtual Assistant Business. Tawyna Sutherland, founder of Virtual Assistant Networking Association has developed an excellent program entitled Virtual Business Startup System (VBSS) which provides all of the tools and resources needed to start a Virtual Business within 30 days. Another excellent resource for interactive and self guided courses on social media marketing, blogging and event planning is Vaclassroom.Where to find clients?The client list is just as long as the list of those who are qualified to become Virtual Assistants. Clients can be found anywhere! A short list of potential VA clients is only limited by the imagination:- Realtors
– Lawyers
– Authors
– Speakers and coaches
– Small business owners
– Accountants
– Insurance AgentsUse skills and experience to become self employed.Why work long hours for low pay when you are more than qualified to use those same skills to operate your own successful business. Use your skills and professional experience to start your own business as a successful Virtual Assistant who offers professional expertise to other professionals. By working from home as a private contractor you determine who you take on as clients, your rate of pay, hours of work and type of work you will do. Do not limit yourself to being an employee if its’ self employment you would rather have. Become a successful Virtual Assistant since it is definitely achievable.

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