Securing Your Customer’s Using an SSL Certificate

Almost every professional web hosting company intends to keep their customer’s safe from intrusions, attacks hacks and online threats. Though some individuals aren’t completely aware of online securities. They are limited to the information that security means viruses and trojans only.Generally, there is hardly any protection between the channel that connects your PC and the web hosting server. One should be aware of the online threats and ways to avoid them. Its been not much time since eCommerce websites came to existence. While shopping around, we usually need to disclose our financial details for ordering a package or service. Hackers and attackers are always on a lookout for loop holes from where these crucially confidential information can be achieved.In order to avoid such instances, web hosting providers offer SSL certificates (Secure Socket Layer). These certificates help to protect customer’s financial details as well as their own information. One can easily identify a website that is protected with a SSL, the URL of the domain will usually have an ‘s’ added to the ‘http’. For example: Domain without SSL protection: http, Domain with SSL Protection : https. Another way to determine it is to check for a lock icon at the bottom of the browser, while some browsers would show a green circle to show that connection.An SSL helps in creating an ecrypted channel between the web server and the browser installed on your machine. The files that are accessed using this channel is safe and risk free. The web host offers SSL Certificates as an add-on service that can be purchased on demand. Once you get an SSL added to the domain you would get two numbers commonly termed as keys. The first key is known only to your server, while the second is a public key. There is virtually no difference in the working of the website by adding an SSL to the domain. When your PC sends a request to such a website, the public key encrypts the message and the server decrypts them with the first key installed on it.This is an automated process, hence the end user does not feel any difference in the functioning.
In order to ensure a secure connection, both the keys are essential. A file named as “Certificate Signing Request” where the public key is placed. This file is freely available to everybody hence allowing connections to the website with an SSL encrypted connection.Even though you do not have an eCommerce website, still you may require your customers information. Such information needs to be protected by all means. If you are involved in online sales, in that case you probably would require your customers bank account and related personal details. In such cases it is advisable to get an SSL installed onto your domain to protect the crucial information.When talking about your companies internal connections, if your employees are connecting remotely, a VPN can protect protect you. But if you have an SSL encrypted connection, it would be more cost effective. The SSL is handled by the Certificate Authorities who issue SSL Certificates to companies and organisations.One needs to provide the domain information and sometimes the company information too. The certificate comes with an expiry date. It does not matter where the domain is hosted, you can use the SSL certificate on any domain.Today, online safety and security is greatly enhanced with the use of SSL Certificate’s. Yours as well as customer’s information can be kept secure by using an SSL. Anyone can avail an SSL Certificate from an Affordable Web Hosting provider, Domain Registrars, some ISP’s too offer this service.a

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