Cloud Computing – What’s In It For Small Businesses?

In a highly competitive business environment it is important for small businesses to have an effective communications network to cover all the regions of the world. But it is not always possible to achieve this as it is a costly proposition. This increases the trouble for such small businesses in making their presence felt in the global market. However, with the development of cloud computing and the increasing use of public cloud infrastructure more and more businesses are able to fulfill their objectives. It has made possible for them to have enterprise level services, security and products at a very low cost.By utilizing the various benefits of Cloud Computing the small businesses can aim big. In an easy to use, instant setup where you just log-in to begin, the desktop, applications, exchange or Voice through physical in-house servers, they are hosted in centralized virtual servers in a data centre. Applications are more scalable, more secure and more reliable as you don’t need a copy of an app for every department using it, just one application can be centrally stored on the server and accessed by anyone who needs it. This allows you to immediately provision applications whenever you require them as the end user directly controls the resources they require. This allows organizations striving to adapt to the pace and dynamism of business.It makes possible to have better co-ordination among the employees as the employees can be networked anywhere in the world in a very cost-effective manner. Small organizations can employ home-based workers, or open small branch offices, or more effectively connect employees on their mobiles to deliver seamless, customer service as easily as a large corporation.Cloud Computing also allows organizations to access latest technology at a fraction of the cost thereby increasing the exposure of their staff which leads increased productivity. Many IT executives have raised concerns related security of data. However, as the data is centrally located there are very less chances of data loss and security measures can be easily implemented. This is better compared to having huge amount of data stored on the machines of employees. But still many companies are still reluctant towards adopting the cloud.Thus, by taking advantage of the unquantifiable benefits of Cloud Computing many small firms can make it big in the ever-demanding business market. Cloud computing can give them an upper hand over their competitors and allow them to sustain in a highly-competitive business environment.

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