Point to Point T1 – What is It?

A point to point T1 private line is opposite to VPN, which is a physical line between two totally transparent locations; thus a point to point connection has a physically connected remote location to the network on the other side. The connection is delivered from the demarcation point to the demarcation point. The point to point T1 line can have various speed rates. Now why you must choose a this kind of wide area networking? For a lot of good reasons. This line is typically used by organizations that operate through multiple office locations that need flexible, secure and cost effective means for their staffs and employees to communicate and share data and information through the central computer network.Point to point T1 Wide Area Networks form the appropriate foundation for several business critical applications that include; VoIP phone service, Centralized merchant transactions, Remote user access, Remote application access (Citrix), File transfer/sharing, Secure access to internal software and applications, Video delivery, Compliance requirements, Outsourced network management and Central data storage and backup. There are several different approaches to wide area network designs. Some solutions are devised to meet low cost and low bandwidth requirements, while other solutions are geared for enterprise class applications. So whether you implement VoIP phone service or process merchant transactions, service mediums can help you make out the most cost-effective solution.Moreover, businesses and enterprises leverage with Point to Point networks and there are several wireless services. Any business that operates across multiple locations benefits from a Multipoint to Point type of network. The surfacing of private wide area networks and VoIP phone service serve a very important role in assuring call quality, implementation and security within the enterprise. The common enterprises that take advantage of point to point T1 are Call Centers w/ Remote Staff, Hospitals and Clinics, Doctor and Dentist Offices, Retail Businesses and Restaurant Chains, as well as Government Entities, International Corporations, Financial Institutions, Hotels and Franchises.Wide Area Networks come in a range of shapes and sizes. They can be wired or wireless, private or public, and managed or self-managed. They can also be implemented through a number of various technologies. With the help of service mediums available on the Internet, you will be able to distinguish which solution method is best for your situation. If you are looking for Point to Point Solution Providers, there are several qualities to consider. Among other things are: Point to Point network design, Serviced Area, Bandwidth capabilities, Flexibility and Responsiveness, Network Quality, Performance, Managed Services, Installation, High Customer Satisfaction, Voice/Data Convergence and Fair Pricing and Stipulations. Since there are many uses for point to point T1, especially VoIP, this type of circuit are balanced to remain as the key element for the success of businesses that rely on Telecommunications, Internet and Data Connectivity for the years to come.

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