Playa Del Carmen Real Estate – Lower Condo Prices, Warmer Weather

While if you’re visiting a beachfront for summer weekend, it might be nice to find the one closest to home, if you are thinking of moving to the beach, some choices on the Mexican Caribbean, such as Playa del Carmen beachfront condos, or real estate across the strait in Cozumel, will get you a fair bit more for your money.First of all let’s consider what a recent beach ranking considered the #1 beach in the U.S., Cooper’s Beach in Southampton, New York. With soft, white sand, gentle waves, easy access with good parking, and very clean beaches that are also wide and spacious, it just wouldn’t be right to start picking out little points to make it sound bad somehow; we can rest assured that it’s title is well deserved, even if not everyone agrees.While perhaps the perfect place for a summer vacation, if you are considering beachfront real estate, a couple of points indicate you might do better down in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. One is that as beautiful as Southampton is in the summer, it’s probably not the nicest beach to relax on in January. Playa del Carmen, on the other hand is warm all year, with January and the winter offering ideally warm (but not hot) temperatures.Another point to consider is the cost of real estate. Condos and townhouses start at about $250,000 after price reductions, and this is not on the beachfront. For half this much, a buyer can consider a 2 bedroom condo in a complex with a pool, conveniently located in PlayaCar, Playa del Carmen’s original private, gated community. For this price, the condo would be within walking distance of a Sam’s, a new mall with a large-screen movie theater, a golf course, and a short bike ride or even shorter drive to the beach.For still slightly less than this same price, a buyer could consider a downtown condo a 5 minute walk away from the beach, with Playa del Carmen’s famous Fifth Avenue along the way, with all its international dining, quaint shops and cafes. Also within an even shorter walk would be Walmart and many other downtown stores, restaurants and services. For the closer to average price of about $450,000 in the area, a buyer could have a Playa del Carmen luxury condo only couple of blocks away from the beach, right in the Fifth Avenue neighborhood of Little Italy, for example.Looking across the strait to the Cozumel Real Estate, on a island combining virtually untouched nature with high-quality real estate, these same prices could get you anything from a ecological lot in a environment-focused community (in fact $200,000 could get you a couple of these) to a new condo in an resort development right on the beachfront. In any location in Cozumel, as in Playa del Carmen residents are always only a short drive from the beach.If you’re considering a summer weekend vacation, and you live in the area, or if you’re driving through the area on a road trip, try Southampton’s beaches; if you’re looking for a place to live on the beach enjoying warm weather and a relaxing lifestyle all year round, try the Mexican; Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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