Mike Dillard’s MLM Traffic Formula 2 – Your Network Marketing Business is Not a Real Business

If you have been around network marketing a while and especially internet network marketing, the name Mike Dillard should be familiar to you.  He revolutionized the network marketing world (actually rocked it) back in 2006 when he introduced his MLM Traffic Formula course.  Well Mike is set to do it again on June 2, 2009 as he is introducing a total revision of the course which he creatively has entitled MLM Traffic Formula 2.As part of the launch for MLM Traffic Formula 2, Mike did a 36-minute video in which he laid out the entire blueprint for how to get your network marketing business online.  While he was at it, he had some very harsh words for those building their network marketing businesses the traditional way and basically said that your network marketing business is not a real business.  Mike then made amends for that comment by providing a blueprint to show exactly how to build a real business, You Inc.  And what he taught did not apply to just network marketing – it could be used by any online business.A Network Marketing Business Is Not A Real BusinessThis is going to make some people angry or at least testy but if you just have your downline in your network marketing business, you don’t have a real business.  And furthermore, you are not a real entrepreneur.  Before you get all hot and bothered, let me explain.  If all you have in your network marketing business is your downline organization, you don’t own anything.  You don’t have any real assets.  In particular:
You don’t own the company.
You don’t own the products.
You don’t own your downline.
You don’t own the distributor list.
You don’t own the marketing tools.
You don’t own the company name.
You don’t own the domain name or URL.
You basically don’t own anything.  You are merely an independent distributor or a sales representative effectively for the company on straight commission and retail profit.  And this can be taken away from you at any time due to the network marketing company going out of business, the company changing the compensation plan, the company forcing you out because you are making too much money, your downline leaving you for a better opportunity, etc.  In essence, your situation could change at any time it would be completely out of your control.You Inc.What you want to do is own a real business.  You want a business where you can build equity and have real assets that can’t be taken away from you.  To build a real business, You Inc., you need to build a list, develop a relationship with the people on the that list, and monetize that list.Your list is the biggest and most valuable asset in your business.  As they say in internet marketing “the money is in the list” and that is very true.  This list are people who subscribe to your email list, are your friends on Facebook, are your channel subscribers on YouTube, are your followers on Twitter, etc.  These are the people that have said it is OK for you to communicate with them and they would like to follow you.You develop relationships with the people on your list by communicating with them.  You email them, provide your Facebook updates, provide new videos on YouTube, and tweet on Twitter.  You build your own private communication channel (like having your own cable network, TV and movie studio, and radio channel).  Through these communications you provide value to your followers by teaching them and providing them with offers that help them and meet their needs and wants.  Nurturing your list in this way builds the quality of the list which determines the value of your list.These offers are the monetization part of the formula.  Not only can you build your network marketing business as part of the monetization but you can build multiple streams of income by offering affiliate products or even your own products.By building this properly with systematization, this is your marketing machine that can generate large incomes virtually on autopilot.

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